Funding Issue 2

OLM Fans,

I recognize that it’s been a relatively quiet summer for Our Lady Maven fans. Sarah and I have had to rethink some aspects of how we produce issue 2 of the comic, and please believe we have not wasted any time after finishing issue 1. As we discussed in previous posts, we learned a lot of lessons about how to make this comic work from issue 1. We’re applying these lessons to the second issue, and in this post I’ll be laying out how we will be funding issue 2.


If you were with us through the first round of funding for issue 1, you’ll remember that we ran a round of funding on That campaign fully funded the art for the first issue. Over the ensuing months, we produced and printed the issue using funds raised from Zoop.

Issue 2

We will return to, but not just yet. The art for issue 2 will largely be funded out of my own pocket. We will be returning to Zoop once we’ve made some progress on the art, and are a bit closer to the completion of the issue. In the meantime, Sarah has been working up the art, and I’m looking forward to releasing monthly progress art to show you all how things are going. I’ve also been considering setting up a Patreon, and if that happens, I will post updates on where to find it here on the blog.


We managed to get issue 1 accepted at our first retail location. Issue 1 is now available both here on our shop, and it can now also be found at a shop in Baltimore for local artists called The Stoop Shop. We’d like to thank them for giving us a shot, and we’re eager to see how it goes!


Because a certain billionaire has used his obscene wealth to ruin our primary outlet for promoting Our Lady Maven, we will also need to rethink how we promote the second issue. We will likely still use Twitter (because I won’t call it X) to some extent, but at this time, our future there is uncertain. Luckily, Sarah and I both are used to operating underground, so we will find other opportunities. Art updates will continue to be available both here on our blog, and on Sarah’s Instagram. We also have the Our Lady Maven Instagram, and we’ll make an effort to post there more in the future.

So that’s what’s been going on! Thanks for sticking with us and being patient while we produce this next issue! Trust me, it will be worth the wait!