A Short July Update

Happy Summer, OLM fans!

I know many of you have been excited to hear updates about what’s happening in the world of Our Lady Maven. In this post, I’ll cover some important news to keep you all informed on the latest developments.

Issue 1

As of now, we have finished all of our operations for the first issue! Everything has been shipped, and if you haven’t received your materials, please do not wait to email us at [email protected].

We’re also working on getting some new materials added to the shop, including post card sets and poster-sized prints that were available to early backers of issue 1. If you’d like to get in on that, go check it out at the shop.

Issue 2

Behind the scenes, things are starting to come together for issue 2. We are working on a different funding style for the second issue so that we can get the work out on a shorter timeline than we did issue 1. This will take a little more time on the front-end which might look like there’s not much happening. Updates will continue to come in here on the blog, and we expect to have some details about this very soon!


We’re excited to start showing you developments for issue 2, so stay glued here on the blog for the latest on Anna’s latest developments!