A Short July Update

Happy Summer, OLM fans! I know many of you have been excited to hear updates about what’s happening in the world of Our Lady Maven. In this post, I’ll cover some important news to keep you all informed on the latest developments. Issue 1 As of now, we have finished all of our operations for… Continue reading A Short July Update

Print Issues Are Live!

OLM Fans! The time has come! All of our material has come back from the print shop, and all of the orders on file have been packaged up! We will be sending the copies out over the next week, so keep an eye on your mailboxes! We hope you enjoy the issue, and stay tuned… Continue reading Print Issues Are Live!


OLM fans, I’m pleased to announce that the last leg of printing is out! The last month has been spent finishing up the backer rewards for those of you who helped us out at a higher reward tier. I think you’ll be pleased with the quality of the rewards when you get them in your… Continue reading One…Last….Print

Bringing It All Together

Good morning OLM backers and fans! I wanted to take a minute today to write a quick post on status which will hopefully answer any questions about where the first issue is in delivery. The quick version is, we’re very close to shipping out to all backers! Right now, we’re finishing up the cigarette card… Continue reading Bringing It All Together

Issue 1 Is Going To Print

OLM fans, We finally made it!! We have fully completed the artwork for issue #1 of Our Lady Maven, and we’re moving on to the print phase of the project! If you have had a chance to see the digital edition already, we hope you like it as much as we do! The next stop… Continue reading Issue 1 Is Going To Print

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